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Electronic Chemicals Series

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Also known as electronic chemical materials. Generally refers to the electronics industry uses specialized chemicals and chemical materials, that is, electronic components, printed circuit boards, industrial and consumer production and packaging of various chemicals and materials. It can be divided into substrates, photoresists, electroplating chemicals, packaging materials, high purity reagents, specialty gases, solvents, pre-cleaning dopants, flux masks, acids and etchants, electronic adhesives and auxiliary materials Other categories. Electronic Chemicals with many varieties, high quality requirements, small dosage, demanding on the cleanliness of the environment, product replacement fast, large capital investment, higher value-added products, etc., these characteristics with the development of micro-processing technology more and more obvious.

Electronic chemicals, also referred to as electronic chemical materials, refer to the fine chemical materials that are used in the electronics industry. The electronic chemicals are a kind of special chemicals. As far as the properties of the production process are concerned, they belong to the fine chemical industry. In terms of product use, Belongs to the electronic material industry. According to the classification standard of China's national economy, the electronic chemicals industry belongs to "Specialized Chemical Products Manufacturing Industry" (2662); according to the "Guidelines for Industry Classification of Listed Companies" promulgated by China Securities Regulatory Commission in April 2001, it belongs to "Specialized Chemical Products Manufacturing Industry" C4360 ). They include integrated circuits and discrete device chemistries, such as chip production photoresist, ultra-clean high-purity reagents, ultra-clean high purity gas, plastic packaging materials; color TV with chemical materials, such as color phosphor, CPT Supporting the water-soluble resist, high-purity inorganic salts, organic films, etc .; chemical materials used in printed circuit boards, such as dry film resist, ink, chemical and electroplating copper plating solution and its additives, surface mount process conductive paste , Cleaning agents, liquid solder resist photoresist, adhesive patch, conductive adhesive, solder paste, pre-coated flux, clean and water-based process flux; liquid crystal display devices with chemical materials, such as liquid crystal, photoresist , Oriented films, adhesives, slurries, electrolytes, films and encapsulants, polarizers, etc .; polishing materials, ect.

Electronic Chemicals